AAA Rules

Australian Anglers Association Rules

The Australian Anglers Association has rules under which it runs its competitions.

The Dry Casting Competition is run under the State Dry Casting Rules (June 2019 ) for AAA (WA Division) Inc.

Estuary, Rock and Beach events are run under the Competition Rules for State Rock & Beach and Estuary Events. This version was adopted at the April 2005 AAAWA Delegates’ meeting and amended at the August 2005 Delegates’ meeting.

The eligible species for these Estuary, Rock and Beach events are in the

List of Eligible Species                       Rock /Beach & Estuary                           Offshore Boating

The WA Association operates under the AAAWA Constitution and expects the entrants in its events to abide by a Recreational Fishing Code of Conduct.

This Recreational Fishing Code of Conduct gives a guide to doing the right thing when fishing, travelling, camping, etc.

There is not anything in this list which is hard for you to do, just things we are sure you would like everyone else to do too. Even though these are easy, they are very important.